Water/Temperature Detection – 24 /7

An Added Sense of Security

Bolster your home defenses with an extra level of flood protection by installing environmental sensors to any area that has the potential for flooding — like a laundry room or basement — or a significant change in temperature. When high water levels are detected or your pre-determined upper or lower temperature limit has been exceeded, this protection system will immediately alert you so you can take action to help stop the damage before it starts and help you avoid massive repairs.


If your home could talk to you, what would it say?

Detect Environment Problems

Our sensors can detect extreme temperature and water levels in your home, and integrate with Honeywell’s VISTA security system to quickly notify you of danger. Strategically placed sensors monitor your home’s water and temperature levels around the clock. If pre-determined levels are detected, the SouthCross Central Station will notify you immediately so the issue can be addressed before the damage goes from being inconvenient to devastating.

Perfect for vacation homes or while you are away from home, with Total Connect remote services, you can receive immediate notification and take appropriate action, even when you are miles away. 

Key Facts:

  • Currently, there are approximately 250,000 U.S. families with homes ruined due to water damage.

  • Water damage is the single most costly insurance claim made by homeowners.

  • An estimated $6.8 billion worth of property damage occurred last year.

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