Mobile Control

Remote Keypad

The remote keypad feature works just like a security system keypad in your home — letting you access and operate your security system remotely from anywhere in the world when using your smartphone, tablet, and other compatible wireless handheld devices. It’s never been easier to stay in the know and stay in control of your home security. Check out our free apps!

The remote keypad is the perfect fit for your active life because it’s security that goes with you — letting you enjoy extra mobility without ever compromising your home and family’s safety or peace of mind.

Real-Time Alerts

Checking on your home is as simple as checking a text message.

key features:

  • Arm and check the status of your security system.
  • Receive and view security-related events.
  • Disarm and silence your system.
  • Multiple account capability — great for vacation homes and investment properties.
  • Unlock a door for unscheduled maintenance or service.
  • Control garage doors.
  • Disarm and silence your system.
  • Turn lights on and off remotely or create schedules to make an empty home look occupied.

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