Fire Protection – 24/7

Every Second Counts

In an office fire with the lives of your employees on the line, every second counts. Fires are the most devastating and deadly disaster killing more Americans every year than all other natural disasters put together.

A proactive approach to fire detection and protection can save lives and property – let SouthCross power your business with 24/7 fire protection. SouthCross monitored smoke detectors can identify the first signs of danger to prevent a large-scale disaster and save lives.


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Dual Sensor Detectors

In the event of a business fire, dual-sensor detectors quickly identify smoke or excessive heat and sound a siren for timely evacuation of your employees. The detectors communicate 24/7 with the SouthCross Monitoring Center and do not require your system to be armed in order to operate. Our monitors are always on the lookout for smoke and fire in your office. When a fire is detected, the Monitoring Center promptly dispatches local emergency response to protect your employees and assets from this deadly threat and minimize property damage. Fire Deaths and Injuries: Fact Sheet.

Key Facts:

  • On average, someone dies in a fire every 3 hours and is injured every 31 minutes.

  • Most victims of fires die from smoke or toxic gases and not from burns.

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