Residential: Securing your home

Over 5 million American families fall victim to burglary or home invasions every year. At Southcross, our mission is to ensure that you and your family don’t become a statistic. From small and large homes to apartment buildings, you’ll always be safe at home with Southcross. Ensure the total safety of your home, your valuables and your family 24/7 with our suite of state-of-the art security services—including Total Connect— to give you a customized security package and your loved ones peace of mind. 

Make sure your home is secure by:
  • Giving you control to operate your security system remotely
  • Knowing precisely the moment your security system is armed or disarmed
  • Monitoring who enters and exits your home
  • Protecting expensive electronics, antiques and other valuables by sending you alerts when specific items
    inside your home have been moved
  • Sending you alerts when leaks, floods, or extreme temperatures are detected in your home
Secure your home with Southcross today!

Real-Time Alerts – Connect to What Matters Most – Your Family

Whether you’re looking to check up on the babysitter, check in on your grandparents, keep up with your kids or just keep them close, we can put peace of mind in the palm of your hand with Realtime Alerts.

Working Parents – Peace of Mind at Work
Put Southcross to work for you and enjoy peace of mind whether you’re at the office or on the go. Keep track of your kids’ busy schedules and find out whether or not they’ve arrived home safely from school via e-mail and video alerts, receive instant notification if gun, liquor or medicine cabinets have been accessed and view live, streaming video of nurseries and play areas to see how your nanny interacts with your children.

Children – Here’s Looking at You, Kid
Ideal for kids, Southcross security products have been designed for convenience and easy, trouble-free use. Remotes and proximity reader tags can be slid onto backpacks and keyrings and let children arm and disarm home security systems with the press of a button or the swipe of a tag. Help keep your children safer by installing system-monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms and playrooms, listen in on your sleeping baby with intercoms and look in on your kids any time of day via cameras.

Pet-Friendly Protection
Truly a homeowner’s best friend, our state-of-the-art motion sensors can detect the difference between an intruder and your beloved pet. Animals up to 100 lbs can move freely about your home without setting off the alarm. Our solutions can even help ensure the safety and health of your pet—letting you receive alerts if smoke, carbon monoxide, flood or extreme temperatures have been detected, if outdoor gates are left open, if motion is sensed by pool areas or if kitchen cabinets with dangerous chemicals are ajar. You can also view live video of your pet any time of day or get a text message, e-mail or video alert when your dog walker or pet sitter arrives or if they didn’t show up.

Elder Care – Maintain a connection
Southcross can help you maintain a connection to elderly relatives who live independently but may require extra care and attention in their own homes. Know at a glance if a senior loved one has left the premises, taken their medication by a specific time or pressed a panic pendant to summon emergency help in the event of a medical crisis, fire or burglary. You can monitor hallways, staircases and doors with video and be notified if a bathtub or toilet is overflowing or if extreme temperature has been sensed—alerting you to potential slip-and-falls and dangerous living conditions. Ideal for the visually impaired, there are alarm keypads with bright screens and large, easy-to-read text or models that announce system status in clear, spoken English.