Residential: Securing your home

Over 5 million American families fall victim to burglary or home invasions every year. At Southcross, our mission is to ensure that you and your family don’t become a statistic. From small and large homes to apartment buildings, you’ll always be safe at home with Southcross. Ensure the total safety of your home, your valuables and your family 24/7 with our suite of state-of-the art security services—including Total Connect— to give you a customized security package and your loved ones peace of mind. 

Make sure your home is secure by:
  • Giving you control to operate your security system remotely
  • Knowing precisely the moment your security system is armed or disarmed
  • Monitoring who enters and exits your home
  • Protecting expensive electronics, antiques and other valuables by sending you alerts when specific items
    inside your home have been moved
  • Sending you alerts when leaks, floods, or extreme temperatures are detected in your home
Secure your home with Southcross today!

Burglary Protection – 24 / 7

Southcross Security is your first line of defense in keeping both your home and business safe and secure.  Take the first step in averting theft and home/business invasion by having a licensed and trained Southcross technician install a customized security system for your protection 24/7.

Southcross offers an extensive collection of reliable, easily programmed and operated keypads that put security and convenience at your fingertips. These leading edge keypads allow you to customize the features of your security system features, including simple graphics and menu-driven prompts that help lead you along the path to 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week protection.

6280 Touch Screen Keypad
The multi-featured 6280 Color Graphic Voice Touchscreen Keypad from Honeywell offers distinctive graphic icons and menu-driven prompts that cuts down on learning time and simplifies use.

6460 Premium Alpha Keypad
Honeywell’s 6460 Premium Alpha Keypad Family provides vivid, negative-mode display and lighted keys that help increase visibility in a darker area of the house, or from a distance. Easily programmed are options for instant alarms, lighting, garage and exterior doors, and much more.

6148 Keypad
Compact and cost-effective, Honeywell’s 6148 keypad features an easy-to-read, fixed-English LCD screen that makes operation simple, keeps any décor stylish and offers you a more flexible, economical keypad option.

Indoor Protection
Our interior motion sensors protect you from intruders and can warn you about temperature extremes such as a burner or boiler failure in the home—saving the cost of expensive repairs. And with Total Connect remote services, you can receive an alert when the incident occurs.

Outdoor Protection
An outdoor motion detector is an ideal solution for outdoor security needs. When you add Total Connect Services, you can be notified via e-email, text message or receive a video clip when someone enters a protected area on your property.

Look Inside / Outside
Southcross video cameras let you keep a watchful eye inside and outside your home and protect your property using the latest digital technology.

Perimeter Protection
Our popular FlexGuard glassbreak detectors are finely tuned to detect the sound of breaking glass while avoiding false alarms. They automatically send an alarm as soon as an intruder breaks a window, providing a higher level of protection. With Perimeter Protection, you’ll receive an alert the moment an intruder breaks a window, giving you a head-start on home safety.

Perimeter Protection
Protect your valuables with state-of-the-art wireless indoor asset protection sensors. They affix easily to valuables requiring protection. When an object is moved or disturbed, you can receive e-mail notification using Total Connect remote services.

Visually Confirm Incidents
Southcross offers indoor and outdoor cameras – so you’ll have a constant, watchful eye monitoring your home and allow you to keep your mind at ease and your valuables safe as you keep a watchful eye on your gates and doors.